Silverball Tactics (Stylised Logo Artwork)
From Plunger Lane
To Victory Lane

the ragged edge

High octane pinball training on your personal holo-deck. Gear up and strap in for a fast-paced adventure on an ever-changing circuit of targets, bumpers, ramps, and things that aren’t quite so passive.

Chase theRush

This isn’t a regular game of pinball. When you go all out on the playfield, it’s you against yourself. Bumper to bumper, racing the ramps. Again and again until you’re not just lucky but until you’re good.


Embrace the thrill of the chase. Practice hand-crafted training tracks that challenge you on multiple skill levels as you graduate. The unique AR setup lets you evaluate your environment from every angle. Every lesson takes you around the course like a driver walks a race track.

Feel the rhythm,
join the dance.

The raw physicality of pinball together with its layout gives every table a unique rhythm begging to be danced. Learn to identify the key points that let you read the rhythm of any table and make the playfield your dance-floor.

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