Silverball Tactics

Learn, Train and Master Pinball

The premier holographic book on pinball mechanics is coming to Tilt Five in late summer of 2020. Learn about the centennial history of pinball and how it became what we know and love today. Read up on tactical manoeuvres to land even complex shot sequences with confidence. Train to hone your skills with guidance and in-depth explanations.

Give me some details!

Teaching and training the art and mechanics of pinball has not changed since the court of King Luis XIV where it originated. It still is in-person or through layers of frustration by yourself. Today you have the option to also watch a YouTube video and go through some trial and error in addition to that. Nothing more.

Many beginners just give up or brush it off as a game of chance. An idea that brought us the pinball prohibition of 1942. Removing the frustration would immensely boost the enjoyment beginners and intermediate players alike gain from the game. Seeing their face light up in delight when they nail their first combo just as they intended it to be was the reason behind Silverball Tactics.

The first iteration of Silverball Tactics was an iBook that crashed more iPads than I'd care to admit. It was the wrong medium and never made it to the iBookstore as a result. The only surviving parts making it to the holographic book are the explanations behind the shots, nudges and combinations. You'll learn why something works, not just how. Each chapter has a holographic pinball table designed specifically to train the exercises covered in that chapter. On regular pinball tables you have zero feedback on your shots other than losing the ball. On the training tables you'll know exactly what went wrong and can work on correcting it without penalty.

When the full version of Silverball Tactics is out in late summer of 2020, it'll be exclusive to Tilt Five. Simply because it's the only holographic platform anyone can afford. It's also the most accessible one to use. The tabletop style of Tilt Five gives it a unique way to interact with content that's both familiar and new.

If this sounds like something you'd like to support, you can do so by purchasing the official t-shirt. This helps with development costs. The more people get one, the more time I can spend on this project.

Tilt Five Platform

When I saw what the Tilt Five system could do and started to understand how it works, it was clear to me that a Holobok would be the right choice for this specific title. You have the book in front of you on your own table, a video lifts up, showing you the technique discussed in the article, played on an actual table you can buy. A chapter recap where you tap on a card and a 3D representation of a stylised pinball table comes up out of it, letting you put into practice what you've just learned.

What Other Platforms?

Once the Tilt Five version is done, I'll build backwards from there to an iPad version that has some of the functionality but in a modal way (one screen of something only does one thing). No other platform can match a Holobook. The iOS versions therefore will be more of a look-up guide.

An Actual Paper Book?

You'll be able to order sleeves for your iPad and a special card for Tilt Five. There's so little that would translate to a physical book that it'd be a pamphlet or a stack of business cards.