Silverball Tactics

This time it's physical

Join in and show off your support for the world's first holographic book! Wear your piece of pinball history with the book's lettering proudly emblazoned on your chest. Show the world that you were amongst those who helped make it happen!

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The Right Stuff

High Quality Garments

A shirt to last you for many years to come. No ultra-cheap fabrics here.

Screen-Printed Quality

No compromises! Professional screen-printed quality, the gold standard of textile printing. Vibrant, long lasting colours that feel great to the touch.

Long Lasting

Pairing the best printing with great garments ensures you won't be buying a bag of regret.

Questions and Answers

Why not Kickstarter?

Too much overhead for me. No safety for you. Unlike guaranteed fulfilment of physical items to support a project, with Kickstarter you rely on people to keep their word without any sort of guarantee or buyer protection. If something goes wrong here, Bonfire has your back.

I like the idea but I'm a nudist

There will be other physical items in the future, even after the launch. Join the mailing-list to learn more. Did you know these shirts make great head-wraps?