This site only does the bare minimum to track local user behaviour. It only makes use of the data that your system sends anyway when making a connection.

Data Collection

Only the data sent by your device during the initialisation of the server connection is used. This includes the following:

  • IP Address
  • Time Of Access
  • Duration Of Visit
  • Operating System & Hardware
  • System Language
  • Pages Visited

None of these datapoints can directly be used to determine your identity without court order to your Internet Service Provider.


No tracking cookies are used on this site! In the future, external linked or embedded services may use tracking cookies. You will always be notified of such behaviour.

Edge Data Verification

This site is hosted with CloudFlare and makes use of their bot attack mitigation features. One of them being a challenge-response on the back-end that checks whether youโ€™re a bot or a real user. Especially when dealing with web-form processing, this has proven helpful. It does so without annoying the user with a CAPTCHA to help Google train their AI on what a bike looks like.

Hello Again

The Edge Data Verification is configured to store recurring connections as valid. Which is helpful for mobile users as it makes site access faster and even slightly cuts down on their data bill. Again, this is all done anonymously.