Silverball Tactics - Original Soundtrack: Cover Artwork

Special Extended Edition

For the first time, the complete soundtrack can be heard in its entirety. More or less as intended even. Using generative AI I was able to finish the songs that required vocals and guitars. While directing AI “musicians” is a hair-raising task, it didn’t sound that awful in the end.

I’m currently in the process of re-mastering all the tracks, now that I have a proper audio setup again. It’s kinda cool that this all will be out there finally, piece by piece. In a few weeks I’ll hopefully have it all out and cleared with the distributors.

The AI portions are trickier to master as they have a much lower fidelity than a real recording. It’s working out though. I’m not complaining. I would’ve never been able to pay for actual session artists to do real performances. Maybe in a future version.

Once the album is cleared with the stores, the respective links will appear here.

Track Listing

  1. Opening Titles
  2. Histories and Legends
  3. Briefing
  4. Ramp Rivals
  5. The Grand Hurry-Up
  6. Righteous
  7. Silverball Tactics
  8. Bumper Fever
  9. Slingshot Carnival
  10. Skillshot Riot
  11. March of the Budgie Smuggler
  12. Field of Lights
  13. Railramp Racer
  14. Rail Inspector
  15. Special Agent Tilt McQuilt
  16. Ladies and Gentlemen,
    Draw Your Plungers
  17. Rail Inspector
  18. Race on the Ragged Edge
  19. Score Board
  20. Multiball! (Jingle Edit)
  21. Ball Out! - Bogan’s Heroes
  22. Ball Out! - Les Miséraballs
  23. Ball Out! - Rough Circus
  24. Ball Out! - Dosser’s Lullaby
  25. Pinball Heroes (Dancing on the Ramps) End Credits Version